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Winter Digs It’s Icy Fingers In

Frosty Leaves
Frosty Leaves

It’s fair to say that since starting University in September, everything else has been pretty much put on hold and while we have plenty of things we should have done to make the garden Winter-ready, very little has been achieved. The new chicken coop is looking pretty good, although the run is still far from finished but that’s about it.

Tree down!

So it should probably come as no surprise that Winter’s crept in with a flourish and taken over. We’ve had snow, gale force winds (enough to bring a tree down the other night) and a deep frost that’s painted everything white for days on end – it certainly looks very pretty.


We do now have a solution to our gas tank problem – we’re having a new, larger one buried underneath our (new) front lawn and the old one taken away, most of the cost being carried by Calor – hurrah. We’ll even have room for a new raised bed when the old tank has been removed – win!

Hoping to get chance to get things tidied up out there soon although I fear we may be a little late to protect some of the plants we’d wanted to this time round.

Chickens n Chives & it’s almost May?!!!!

Since getting Ivy and Etta who both seem to have a penchant for self-seasoning themselves in the herb garden, the other girls have also suddenly taken an interest and we no longer have a herb garden at all – totally decimated!

exhibit A – Betty tearing up the chives

Think I’ll need to re-plant everything and then stick spikes/bamboo around the edge to stop them getting into it the little monkeys. The right-hand side of the rockery is also in need of some attention after they tore everything up to make a dust bath there as well.

At least they’re all ‘playing nicely’ now – the flock integration was pretty wretched to watch – who knew hens could be so vicious!


Ivy (L) and Etta (R) taking sentry duty

In other news, after a (very) brief visit from Spring we’re back to Winter – snow and freezing temperatures mean that our conservatory is still full of plants from our recent garden centre excursions that it’s still too cold to plant out.

IMG_7799 (1)



Discover Scottish Gardens – this is fantastic!

scottishgardensDiscover Scottish Gardens launches visitor gateway to Scotland’s gardens


  • Discover Scottish Gardens launches, and previews new website full of information and inspiration about visiting gardens and nurseries in Scotland
  • Five-year-plan aims to grow visits to Scotland’s gardens by 10% by 2020

Officially launched in Edinburgh today (Friday 29 May 2015) at Gardening Scotland, Discover Scottish Gardens marks the coming together of businesses and organisations at the heart of Scotland’s gardens sector to energise the promotion of Scotland’s outstanding horticultural offering and help achieve a 10% uplift in visits to Scotland’s gardens by 2020.

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